"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Ruth Harris on many occasions both when she was working for large Architectural firms and now in her own design company.

Ruth has been heavily involved in our two latest projects. One a Bar Restaurant with outside seating and the latest one completed in March 2019, the construction, and fitout of a rooftop bar and restaurant on top of an existing building.

I have worked with numerous architects and designers mostly from larger specialised firms specialising in hospitality, as this is the field I have been involved in over 30 years.

One of the most important factor from a client’s perspective is the ability or willingness of a firm to understand what you are trying to achieve and for them to interpret and provide an exceptional result.

For the process to be seamless and for timely and practical feedback that is constantly required for the project to proceed smoothly and on budget, a responsive and experienced point of contact is essential. Someone who can guide the project from start to finish.

I have found the above requirements as outlined very hard to find in larger firms as to many people are involved and communication and coordination between them the client and the builders ends up in delays mistakes and costly variations.

The reason I have engaged Ruth Harris for the latest 2 projects (as well as two full concept designs for other projects) because of her vast experience in not only interior design but design of spaces, how they interact with customers and operationally, and being cognisant of the importance of creating the right mood and feeling that is so critical in creating a successful hospitality venue.

Through the many years in the industry Ruth has cultivated very strong loyal and valuable relationships from artists, architects, consultants, lighting designers sound and acoustic specialists, artisans, graphic designer’s builders and many others in her field that she can draw help and inspiration from, to aid in delivering an amazing outcome.

Ruth has many strengths, her ability to listen, to interpret, her amazing sense of style and how things work together, she is flexible and versatile but will never compromise on issues that might detract or lessen the impact of the full design.

Ruth has an amazing and disarming way with all the people and trades she works with, she is always very approachable she processes information quickly and comes up with fabulous alternative solutions, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

What makes Ruth Harris so special is that she really cares, and that is evident in everything she does, that same quality is expressed by everyone who works or deals with her.

I could not recommend her more highly to anyone if they are looking for an incredibly talented, committed and inspirational designer."

Andrew Utiger, Director, Millfair Pty Limited.

"It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Ruth Harris, founding director or Redwah Interior Design Studio.

The Wests Group worked closely with Altis Architecture to redevelop their hospitality venues over several years, spanning a large variety of projects in several different West Group venues.

During the course of these works, Ruth, in the capacity of senior interior designer worked to deliver the vision for each venue. The work was diverse and meticulous, and Ruth sought to ensure the designs contained something extra to elevate the experience and create memorable, inviting spaces for our valued patrons.

Ruth maintained a professional and approachable manner and ethic throughout the project process, with a focus on ensuring outcomes were thoughtful and designed to support our broader group needs and values.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Ruth and I would happily recommend Redwah to anyone seeing an experienced and dynamic interior designer for their next project." 

Philip Gardener, CEO, The West Group Australia.

"Ruth Harris is a luminary in commercial interior design. I have had the pleasure to know Ruth for over 15 years and the good fortune to have had two award winning restaurants designed exclusively by her company Redwah.

With an acute and creative vision, a wealth of industry and product sourcing contacts, Ruth brings it all together to produce results beyond the highest expectations.

From the original concept and design brief through to the opening night, Ruth's personal engagement and enthusiasm leaves you inspired and confident in the success of your project.

Be it a big restaurant, small bar or retail concept, I recommend you take the time to talk to Ruth. She is easily approachable, very generous with her time and an absolute delight to get to know. 

I'm already looking forward to my next collaboration with Ruth Harris and Redwah." 

Richard Nichols, Owner, Subsolo Restaurant & Bar + Motza Pizza & Bar.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ruth for over 19 years. We worked together on the refurbishment of our club while Ruth was working at Altis Architecture.

When working on a project with Ruth, she listens. She doesn't criticize my ideas but builds on them, coming up with even better designs for the project. I have never been disappointed worthing with Ruth and she always makes the project fresh and exciting."

Ian McMillian, Manager, South Sydney Graphic Arts Club.